Why Donate


At Recycled Sound, by collecting donated hearing aids we know we’re empowering disadvantaged people to take control of their hearing loss.

The hearing aid problem

The cost of a pair of hearing aids through the private market ranges from $5,000 to $10,000. Many are unable to meet this expense.
Available Federal Government programs allow limited options for accessing a hearing aid. This means many people simply struggle to live with their hearing loss.
The issue mainly affects people in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, who represent our community’s most marginalised and disadvantaged:
  • single income families
  • the working poor
  • unemployed
  • refugees, and
  • asylum seekers.
Are you or do you know anyone like this who would benefit from our services?
Restricted access to hearing aids can also force many people to leave the workforce early. We know hearing aids play a critical role in overcoming hearing loss and can greatly influence quality-of-life and the ability to gain and keep employment.
An unaddressed hearing loss inevitably leads to isolation and in many cases a reliance on social services for support, which then impacts the broader community and the economy.

How you can help

Don’t throw out your hearing aids! Support us by donating now.

Donated hearing aids are reconditioned and reprogrammed so that they can be fitted to recipients who would otherwise be unable to access hearing aids. Find out more about the recycling process and how it works.


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