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How it works

The hearing aid recycling process goes full circle – from the donation of hearing aids to clients leaving our clinic with their own reprogrammed hearing aids.


All hearing aid donations from the public are welcome!


Working bees with volunteers are organised to clean, sort and test the donated hearing aids.  As well as working hard it is we do turn it into a fun time.


Each client needs a recent hearing test. They provide their own test or we are able to perform a test at the clinic. The clinician reprograms the hearing aids in line with the client’s individual hearing test.


Clients are then fitted with their hearing aids that have been reprogrammed especially for them.


A follow up appointment is made for at the next clinic. This is important as the client has had at least a month of wearing their Recycled Sound hearing aids. The client can discuss and have any required adjustments to their hearing aids made by the clinician. A high percentage of new hearing aid users do not persevere with wearing their hearing aids. This can be due to a lack of follow up and adjustment of the hearing aids. As a result of our follow up appointments we have a very high success rate in hearing aid retention.