About Recycled Sound

About Recycled Sound

Hearing loss is a big problem in Australia, with 4 million people affected and it has a big impact on an individual’s quality-of-life. Luckily in Australia we have access to many wonderful services including the availability of hearing aids.

We know hearing aids play a critical role in overcoming hearing loss and can greatly influence quality-of-life and the ability to gain and keep employment.

An unaddressed hearing loss inevitably leads to isolation and in many cases a reliance on social services for support, which then impacts the broader community and the economy.

But what if you can’t afford hearing aids?  Hearing Aids can cost from $2000 to $12,000 per pair.

Recycled Sound is a not-for-profit community service project established to recycle hearing aids. Recycled Sound was initiated by the Rotary Club of Toorak in 2014 and is supported by many other Rotary clubs in Victoria. These clubs have organised collection points for the donation of hearing aids. People from all over Australia have generously donated used and no longer needed hearing aids.

By recycling used hearing aids, Recycled Sound supports and enhances sustainability in our community and environment.


  • The hearing impaired who do not receive government assistance and who are unable to afford hearing aids;
  • Asylum seekers and refugees, immigrants where English is a second language;
  • Unemployed people unable to obtain employment due to their disability
  • People in low income employment who develop hearing loss and will be unable to continue their employment unless the hearing disability is addressed.
  • Other marginalised and vulnerable people in our communities, including victims of domestic violence
  • Do you know anyone who would benefit from our services?


Recycled Sound Clinics are currently held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month in Prahran, Melbourne.

Appointments to attend a clinic must be booked prior to a clinic by contacting us directly or being referred to us.  No walk in appointments are possible.


We do accept referrals from various organisations:

  • Medical Practitioners
  • Local Council Disability Staff
  • Refugee Organisations
  • Government Sponsored Audiology Clinics
  • Employment Agencies for the unemployed
  • Community Organisations Federal Government
  • Rotary Clubs throughout Victoria
  • Various people attending Govt. sponsored English classes