Our Supporters

Partners of Recycled Sound

As a Rotary Community Service Project, Recycled Sound is proud of our strong community and business connections.

We continue to provide recycled hearing aids to those people in special need, with the participation and support of the following organisations:

Blamey Saunders hears

Pioneers in the science of hearing, Blamey Saunders hears is a private audiology clinic offering innovative hearing solutions. For more information visit Blamey Saunders hearsBlamey Saunders hears clinicians donate their time to attend our clinics and reprogram and fit recycled hearing aids to clients. Find out more about how it works.


Deafness Foundation

Deafness Foundation aims to improve well-being and promote equality for people who are deaf and hard of hearing by focussing on Access, Awareness, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention.  Deafness Foundation, as a funding partner, has provided a grant which has enabled Recycled Sound to purchase audiometric equipment necessary for hearing assessment and the reprogramming of hearing aids.  For more information visit Deafness Foundation.