About Recycled Sound

Photo of recycled hearing aids

Recycled Sound is a not-for-profit community service project established to recycle hearing aids.  Used and no longer needed hearing aids are collected, reprogramed and fitted to people suffering from diminished hearing and who are financially disadvantaged and ineligible for Government assistance. This enables them to be independent and participate in our communities in all its forms.

By recycling used hearing aids, Recycled Sound supports and enhances sustainability in our community and environment.

Hearing aids play a critical role in overcoming hearing loss and can greatly influence the quality of life and ability to gain and keep employment.  Recycled Sound helps address hearing loss which could otherwise lead to isolation and other issues and, in many cases, a reliance on social services for support.

Recycled Sound was initiated by the Rotary Club of Toorak in 2014.  Volunteers help to collect and clean donated hearing aids and promote and assist with the operational aspects of the project. Other Rotary clubs and other organisations support this program by collecting hearing aids and forwarding them to Recycled Sound.


Who are our clients?

  • The hearing impaired who do not receive government assistance and who are unable to afford hearing aids;
  • Asylum seekers and refugees, immigrants where English as second language;
  • Indigenous Australians;
  • Other marginalised and vulnerable people in our communities, including victims of domestic violence.


How does it work?

Donate            All hearing aid donations from the public are welcome!

Preparation    Hearing aids are cleaned and tested for suitability

Fitting             Clients are assessed and fitted with hearing aids that have been reprogrammed especially for them. 
                        The hearing aids are free. There is a fee of $100 for testing and fitting of the hearing aids.  This cost may be covered by other organisations who support us.  

Support          Follow up support is provided to clients.


Our supporters

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