All Recycled Sound hearing aids are free.  They have been donated by people on the basis they will be recycled and given to eligible people without charge for them.

However, there are costs associated with the testing, programming and fitting of the hearing aids, including the purchase of accessories such as moulds that attach to the hearing aids and allow them to fit securely in your ears.  There are also administrative costs of running the project.

As such, there is a fee of $100 for testing and fitting of hearing aids.  These costs may be covered by other organisations who support us.

Yes, each new hearing aid user will have a customised hearing mould fitted to their needs. Only the behind the ear piece is recycled and reused. Find out about the recycling process in how it works.


We often receive hearing aids from loved ones and estates of hearing aid owners.

If you would like to donate your hearing aids to Recycled Sound when you die, we encourage you to have a conversation with your family about your wishes and direct them to this website for details about how they can donate when the time comes.

At Recycled Sound, we value all donations of hearing aids as they are potentially all reusable.