Did you know that it can take up to eight hours to recondition and train a person so use hearing aids? For all the details of the process see how it works.

Hearing loss effects about 17% of the population, the government supports many people through the Office of Hearing Services. In general people up to the age of 26 are eligible for a hearing aid, as well as those over the age of 65 or receiving government assistance.

Find out more about the hearing aid problem and the work of our valued partners - Blamey Saunders hears and Better Hearing Australia - and the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank.

Yes, each new hearing aid user will have a customised hearing mould fitted to their needs. Only the behind the ear piece is recycled and reused. Find out about the recycling process in how it works.

The Victorian Hearing Aid Bank program is unfunded and we use in-kind, in-house resources. We need funds to employ hearing specialists to ensure this important program is sustainable. Find out how you can support us with a monetary donation.

Recycling a hearing aid that is no longer needed is such a wonderful opportunity to improve the lives of so many people. Read some of their stories.

At Recycled Sound, we value all donations of hearing aids as they are potentially all reusable. Find out how to donate.

Hearing aid technology moves fairly slowly so it is likely our partners will be able to prepare and reprogramme your hearing aids. Check out the recycling process: how it works.