Your donation of hearing aids is a small thing that can make a big difference in the lives of people with hearing impairment.

Photo of Michael
Michael Bradley is a 35 year old man from Koo Wee Rup who was born with a moderate to severe hearing impairment. As a child Michael was entitled to hearing aids through the government system. Since adulthood he has struggled to find work and was on a disability support pension (DSP) for some time. As DSP criteria has changed he is no longer eligible for the pension and is working as a security guard but is financially unable to replace his failing hearing aids.
Photo of Amanda
Amanda Jewell lives in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne; she was born with a moderate to severe hearing loss and aided at approximately 8 years old. At the age of 19, due to peer pressure, Amanda ceased wearing her aids and struggled through her 20’s without them. She is now married with 3 young children. One of her children has a hearing loss and is not speaking very well, because of this 
Heather has been aware of a hearing loss for many years and has a twin sister who uses hearing aids. 
Her loss became more problematic about 10 years ago. At this time she didn't want to get hearing aids as they were economically beyond her reach. Being close to retiring age Heather hoped she would be able to manage until she was on a pension and eligible for government help.