How it works

Photo of testing hearing aids
At Recycled Sound we're proud of our role in collecting hearing aids.
Collection is the first part of a professionally planned recycling and reuse process which includes:
  • donation
  • preparation
  • assessment and fitting
  • training and support for clients
Hearing aid recycling starts with your...


Recycled Sound encourages you to drop off or post your hearing aids (find out how to donate). We deliver hearing aids for...


At Blamey Saunders hears, technical staff clean donated hearing aids and assess their suitability for reuse. Once prepared, recycled hearing aids are readied for...

Client assessment and fitting

At the  Victorian Hearing Aid Bank (VHAB), each client has their hearing tested and assessed to determine the type of hearing aid needed, and programming it will require. Read some of their stories.
If necessary, the hearing aid bank team will take ear mould impressions for those clients who need them.VHAB takes the time to search through the range of donated hearing aids to find the right fit for each client, this ensures that each person is fitted with the best aid.
Once the right hearing aid is found, VHAB program it to meet its new owners specific needs and each client is fitted with their new hearing aid - the most rewarding part of the process. Finally, VHAB offers...

Support and training for clients

Before sending any client home with their recycled hearing aid, VHAB provides the client with training on how best to use and look after their hearing aid.
VHAB staff are always available for support: to answer questions, provide maintenance or to reprogramme the recycled hearing aid.
Find out more about the community need for recycled hearing aids.