Victorian Hearing Aid Bank

Once cleaned and checked, Recycled Sound forwards the hearing aids to the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank (VHAB),  an unfunded project operated by our partner, Better Hearing Australia.

The VHAB recondition and reprogrammes hearing aids so that they can be fitted to recipients who would otherwise be unable to access hearing aids. Read some of their stories.

With the support of Recycled Sound, and your donationsVHAB is able to help many more people receive the gift of better hearing. 

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More about the Victorian Hearing Aid Bank

​Established in 2009, the VHAB aims to reduce the impact of hearing-related issues by maximising the number of disadvantaged Victorians with a hearing loss who can access hearing aids.

Better Hearing Australia is the only provider of a hearing aid bank in Victoria.

Each year this program supports around 150 Victorians to receive recycled hearing aids.

Through Recycled Sound, and your support, BHA will now be able to help many more people receive the gift of a hearing aid.

The Victorian Hearing Aid Bank contributes at least $650,000 to the Victorian economy each year through recycled heading aids, the contribution to the economy through improved economic participation remains unmeasured.
Find out more about the extent of the hearing loss problem and the community need.